Sales # 866-697-5100 NOC# 800-497-5578

Data Communications Connectitvity for both Carrier and Enterprise Customers

Sales # 866-697-5100

NOC# 800-497-5578

Rochester, NY

Sales Contacts - Enterprise

Tom Castronova
Market Manager

Sales Contacts - Carrier

Our Rochester, NY network includes 650 total route miles of fiber. Our carrier-grade colocation space has been designed with a strong focus on security and redundancy. And because it’s adjacent to our POP, we’re able to offer you the following benefits:

  • Environmentals that provide the security and reliability of our core network
  • Shared colocation space with our core backbone allows us to pass the cost savings on to you
  • Additional services can be provided cost-effectively (e.g., Internet)
  • Or if you prefer to connect to another carrier, we can provide fiber interconnection

Colocation site: 1 Exchange St., 9th Floor, Suite 915, Rochester, NY 14614

  • Fibertech manned site
  • Building security guard
  • IP camera
  • Three five-ton Liebert cooling systems (68° F)
  • Fire suppression system
  • Diverse entrance
  • Back-up power source
  • UPS/Inverter

Colocation site: 349 W. Commercial St., Suite 1418, East Rochester, NY 14445

  • Fire suppression system
  • Diverse entrance
  • Back-up power source
  • Building HVAC (68° F)