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Columbus State Community College, Ohio

One College, Two Campuses, One Network

As one of Ohio’s largest community colleges, Columbus State Community College (CSCC) has its hands full when it comes to fulfilling its network service needs. With more than 2,500 employees, 30,000 students, two separate full-service campuses, and nine satellite off-campus centers, CSCC requires a great deal of speed and bandwidth in order to accommodate the frequent high volume of data that travels over its network.

One of the most important issues that the campus faces is the dependence on connectivity from its downtown Columbus campus to the college’s newly constructed campus in Delaware County—a distance of about 25 miles. Data and files need to be transferred efficiently, especially during the college’s busiest time, which is during fall enrollment. Many of CSCC’s students start in the fall with a well-planned path of sequenced classes to reach graduation. It is absolutely imperative that the college’s network system be 100% available during enrollment periods. Equally imperative to CSCC students is disaster recovery planning as it needs to ensure that their class history and transcripts are kept intact so that they can continue their educational progress at Columbus State and beyond.

A dire need for reliable broadband.
The college’s network systems—which support day, evening, weekend, and distance learning classes—need to be running efficiently and reliably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Critical demand occurs during key enrollment periods because if one quarter’s enrollment is impacted, it can affect the enrollment for an entire year. That’s why when searching for a network provider to connect its downtown campus to the Delaware County campus—which houses one of the college’s three main data centers—CSCC IT staff sought out companies that had reliable and secure infrastructure, business continuity capabilities, and high bandwidth capacity, all while being cost-efficient.

Jim Beidler, director of communications technologies and PC services for CSCC, draws an analogy to that of a farmer’s situation. “If we miss our planting season, then students will miss their harvesting season, too,” he says.

The dots are connected.
CSCC selected Fibertech Networks in order to meet several needs: the vital demand of voice, video, and data during normal business operations; the scalability to meet the demands of hectic enrollment periods, and the reliability to provide infrastructure for disaster recovery scenarios. The company’s cost-efficient ability to provide a linear fiber connection between the two campus data centers in downtown Columbus and Delaware County allowed the college to mirror its storage, ensure reliability with underground fiber, and build out virtual server infrastructure for disaster recovery, as well as to allow Beidler’s department to scale bandwidth for demands such as real-time video for distance learning initiatives.

“Our Fibertech networks act as the heartbeat for operations between the campuses for data synchronization and high-speed communications to the Delaware County data center,” says Beidler.

When it comes to fiber services, organizations need a partner that can offer reliable optimal performance. Fibertech is that partner and consistently provides these capabilities to its higher education, government, healthcare, and business customers.